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Development of tourism in Spitsbergen

There were 86 097 overnight stays in hotels and guesthouses in Spitsbergen in 2007 (2006: 83 049, 1998: 46 201). The numbers have been constantly growing except from a minor decrease in 2003. Most guests were Norwegians (ca. 68 %), followed by Swedes and Germans (both near 5 %), Britons, Danes, Frenchmen and Dutch.

Numbers show pronouced peaks during the main seasons in March/April and during the summer (late June-August). The local tourism industry aims for better use of their capacities during the off-season including the polar night.

The large percentage of Spitsbergen tourists who come on board major cruise ships and do not stay overnight in any hotel is not included in the numbers above. 

The “Nordpol Hotellet” in Ny Ålesund.

Source: Svalbardposten 11/2008.

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