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Daily Archives: 26. April 2008 − News & Stories

Acci­dents in Bar­ents­burg

In recent weeks, the Rus­si­an mining sett­le­ment of Bar­ents­burg has suf­fe­red from several acci­dents. Three per­sons died during a heli­co­p­ter crash at Kapp Heer, the heli­co­p­ter base near Bar­ents­burg, The air­craft col­li­ded with a buil­ding during a lan­ding attempt in bad visi­bi­li­ty con­di­ti­ons. On Thurs­day, 17 April, Bar­ents­burg repor­ted fire in the coal mine. One miner was found dead a while later, while a second one is still mis­sing.
The­re are still 500 peop­le living in Bar­ents­burg.  

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<p>Source: Sysselmannen</p>

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