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The PCB-project is making progress

In 2007, concentrations of the long-lived environmental toxin PCBs higher than expected have been found in and near the settlements in Spitsbergen. Building materials (paint, concrete) and electrical parts seem to be major sources. The highest values were found in the Russian settlements of Barentsburg and Pyramiden. PCBs from these local sources have already been found in the bottom sediments in the near-by fjords.

Both Russian and Norwegian authorities have apparently already made some progress in removing the dangerous materials. Almost 1000 electrical parts (condensators from lighting installations) have already been removed, and another 2000 is to follow as soon as replacement parts have arrived. These are said to be on the way already. It is also announced that in Pyramiden, which was abandoned in 1998, all relevant parts will soon be completely removed.

All contaminated materials will be shipped to Longyearbyen and from there to the mainland for disposal in Finland as part of the general Norwegian garbage management system.

In the Norwegian settlements and stations (Isfjord Radio, Longyearbyen, Ny Ålesund and Sveagruva), samples were taken from soil, paint and other materials to identify PCB sources. Known sources have already been removed. The aim is to remove all materials containing PCBs within a short time frame.

Lighting in Barentsburg.

Source: Sysselmannen

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