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Daily Archives: 20. August 2008 − News & Stories

Spitsbergen’s glaciers on the run

“On the run” may not be the right translation, but some of them show a behaviour that scientists call a “surge”, that is a rapid advance at a speed that exceeds the normal one by a factor of up to 100, after a quiet phase of many decades. This phenomenon is common for glaciers on Svalbard. Monica Sund, a geologist at UNIS, has identified surging glaciers, including Kroppbreen which is in a very early state of a surge – a scientifically very interesting discovery. 

Comfortlessbreen in Engelskbukta, June 2008. The steep (land-based) terminus indicates surging behaviour.

Spitsbergen's glaciers on the run

Source: Svalbard Science Forum


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