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Daily Archives: 20. August 2008 − News & Stories

Spitsbergen’s gla­ciers on the run

“On the run” may not be the right trans­la­ti­on, but some of them show a beha­viour that sci­en­tists call a “sur­ge”, that is a rapid advan­ce at a speed that exceeds the nor­mal one by a fac­tor of up to 100, after a quiet pha­se of many deca­des. This phe­no­me­non is com­mon for gla­ciers on Sval­bard. Moni­ca Sund, a geo­lo­gist at UNIS, has iden­ti­fied sur­ging gla­ciers, inclu­ding Kropp­breen which is in a very ear­ly sta­te of a sur­ge – a sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly very inte­res­ting dis­co­very. 

Com­fort­less­breen in Engelskbuk­ta, June 2008. The steep (land-based) ter­mi­nus indi­ca­tes sur­ging beha­viour.

Spitsbergen's glaciers on the run

Source: Sval­bard Sci­ence Forum


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