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Daily Archives: 5. June 2009 − News & Stories

Groun­ded ship at Bjørnøya: Cap­tain and offi­cer sen­ten­ced

Cap­tain and first offi­cer of the Rus­si­an free­zing ship Petro­za­vodsk, groun­ded 11 May near the sou­thern tip of Bjørnøya, have been sen­ten­ced by the North-Nor­we­gi­an “tin­g­rett” to 15 respec­tively 40 days in pri­son. They have been accu­sed of being under influ­ence of alco­hol. The offi­cer has addi­tio­nal­ly been accu­sed for having cau­sed the groun­ding by fal­ling asleep while on duty and ent­e­ring the pro­tec­ted zone near the sou­thern coast of Bjørnøya, which must not be ent­e­red bet­ween 15 May and 31 August by ves­sels lar­ger than 40 feet.

The Cap­tain was sent back home to Rus­sia after the sen­tence had been pas­sed, as both had alrea­dy spent 15 days under arrest. 

The wreck of the Petro­za­vodsk.
Image © Kyst­ver­ket

The wreck of the Petrozavodsk

Source: Sys­sel­man­nen


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