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Daily Archives: 25. July 2009 − News & Stories

Russian ship Petrozavodsk grounded at Bjørnøya

The Russian fishery support vessel that ran aground at Bjørnøya on 11 May is still in the same position. So far, it has only been possible to remove smaller amount of dangerous liquids (oil, diesel, paint), but the major part of the diesel volume is still on board. Minor spills have already occured, and small numbers of birds covered with diesel oil have been observed. Norwegian authorities have made preparations to remove all remaining dangerous substances from the ship and have announced that everything will be done to complete the operations before the Guillemot chicks that are currently sitting in very large numbers on adjacent cliffs jump into the water (they leave the nesting site before they can fly). So far, bad weather and rough seas have made these operations impossible.

Bird cliff at the southern tip of Bjørnøya, near the site of the Russian wreck.

Russian ship Petrozavodsk grounded at Bjørnøya

Source: Svalbardposten


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