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Grounding of Russian ship at Bjørnøya IV

All oil derivates (diesel, lubrication oil) has been removed from the Rusian freezing ship Petrozavodsk, that ran aground near the southern tip of Bjørnøya on 11 May. Operations were completed on 05 August. Smaller spills of oil from the wreck did not cause any environmental damage, according to field biologists.

The Russian owner company is theoretically obliged to remove the wreck, but is unlikely to do so as actual costs are expected to exceed those that the company legally has cover. The future of the wreck is therefor unclear, but at least it does not impose any major environmental hazard anymore.

Pumping operation at the wreck of Petrozavodsk. Foto © Kystverket

Grounding of Russian ship at Bjørnøya IV

Source: Kystverket

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