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Daily Archives: 16. November 2009 − News & Stories

Win­tering are­as of ptar­mi­gans

The ptar­mi­gan is the only bird that stays in Spits­ber­gen year-round. Sci­en­tists have now equip­ped some ptar­mi­gans with satel­li­te tra­ckers to fol­low them digi­tal­ly through the polar night. So far, they seem to remain in the gene­ral area, migra­ting local­ly while sear­ching for food. The Nor­we­gi­an Polar Insti­tu­te is publi­shing and updating the results Backhere.

Ptar­mi­gans in Spits­ber­gen

Wintering areas of ptarmigans

Source: Nor­we­gi­sches Polar­in­sti­tut


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