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Daily Archives: 1. February 2010 − News & Stories

Gold rush in St. Jonsfjord

In 2009, the Nor­we­gi­an mining com­pa­ny Store Nor­ske car­ri­ed out first inves­ti­ga­ti­ons to find poten­ti­al gold occur­ren­ces in St. Jonsfjord, north of Isfjord. Results show that the poten­ti­al is signi­fi­cant. Store Nor­ske intends to do dril­lings to fur­ther deter­mi­ne the poten­ti­al of valu­able metals. The aut­ho­ri­ties (Sys­sel­man­nen) have now given per­mis­si­on for the dril­lings under strict envi­ron­men­tal con­di­ti­ons.

St. Jonsfjord is out­side the pro­tec­ted are­as, which means that the future may see a new mine in Spits­ber­gen.

St. Jonsfjord

Gold rush in St. Jonsfjord

Quel­le: Sval­bard­pos­ten


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