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Daily Archives: 11. March 2010 − News & Stories

Fewer ships during summer season 2010

Fewer small cruise ships (so-called expedition ships) will visit Spitsbergen during the upcoming summer season of 2010. The reasons include the economical crisis, but also new safety requirements, especially new fire-fighting (sprinkler) systems that are very costly to install.

Several ships that have been cruising Spitsbergen’s coast extensively during recent years will not return again: Origo (25 passenger capacity), Grigoriy Mikheev (44), Alexey Maryshev (44), Professor Molchanov (54) and Professor Multanovskiy (54). The recent development is to replace these smaller ships with a lesser number of slightly larger, modern ones.

Will not come back: MV Professor Multanovskiy (here in Greenland).

Fewer ships during summer season 2010

Source: AECO


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