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Daily Archives: 8. July 2010 − News & Stories

Will Bear Island get its own cenotaph?

The fishery support vessel »Petrozavodsk«, that ran aground on Bear Island in May 2009, will until further remain in its position on the southeastern coast of the island. Authorities have not yet decided how to deal with the wreck. Several options have been discussed, amongst them leaving it where it is, sinking it in deeper waters or cutting it up and removing it. All of these options have in common that they have environmental effects and are expensive. Meanwhile, the vessel has broken up into two parts, which are still on the rocks directly under several hundred meters high, near-vertical cliffs, which makes all operations difficult and dangerous. Oil, fuel and other dangerous liquids and goods were removed soon after the wreckage; it cannot be excluded that further dangerous substances have remained on board.

Source: Svalbardposten


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