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Daily Archives: 16. August 2010 − News & Stories

Natu­ral emer­gen­cy har­bours in Spits­ber­gen

The Nor­we­gi­an coas­tal aut­ho­ri­ties have been out on a field trip around Spitsbergen’s coasts to eva­lua­te loca­ti­ons whe­re ships might seek shel­ter in case of emer­gen­cy. Repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of the Nor­we­gi­an Polar Insti­tu­te, the minis­try of the envi­ron­ment, the gover­nor and the Nor­we­gi­an rese­arch insti­tu­te on mari­ne tech­no­lo­gy (MARIN­TEK) were on board during the field crui­se.

On the west coast, the best sites known so far are in Mag­da­le­n­efjord, Trygg­ham­na and Horn­sund. The experts and offi­cials invol­ved want to dis­cuss fur­ther sites and publish their recom­men­da­ti­ons wit­hin 2010. The need for more emer­gen­cy shel­ter sites is seen becau­se of incre­a­sed ship traf­fic in Sval­bard waters.

Quel­le: Sval­bard­pos­ten


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