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Problems with online booking system

The online booking system of the associaction of local tour operators in Longyearbyen has recently been upgraded, but does not work as expected. As a result, especially small companies have experienced losses of 60-70%, in one case up to 95%. Some are afraid of serious consequences for the future of their companies, often run by only one person, whose economical survival in some cases depended on taking external paid jobs.

Major suppliers, who enjoy better visibility on the market also through other channels, are faced with comparatively minor problems.

The tour operator’s society, lead by the director of the largest local player, rejects criticism and makes the supplier of the software responsible. It is also said that not all of the smaller companies have made their homework during the process.

Bigger operators who own hotels in Longyearbyen may benefit from the problems with the online booking system.

Problems with online booking system - Polar Hostel

Source: Svalbardposten 6/2011

last modification: 2014-07-01 · copyright: Rolf Stange