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MS Nordstjernen: final season in 2012

MS Nordstjernen, built in 1956 in Hamburg, is one of the last classical, old-style Hurtigruten ships. Until 2008 she was a regular summer guest in Spitsbergen; since then, she was used in regular traffic along the Norwegian coast. In 2011, she will be back for one last season in Spitsbergen for a classical programme of 3-day cruises along the west and north coast.

MS Nordstjernen is the last ship in Spitsbergen carrying out cruises that remind of the style of classical cruises of the earlier 20th century. After the 2012 season, she will be taken out of traffic.

A classical ship at a classical place: MS Nordstjernen in Magdalenefjord


Source: Svalbardposten

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