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Daily Archives: 4. January 2012 − News & Stories

Exploration drilling in the Barents Sea

OMV Norge, the Norwegian daughter of the international oil- and gas company OMV, plans exploration drillings in the field PL 537, about 196 kilometres southeast of Bear Island, searching for hydrocarbons. The depth of the Barents Sea in this area is near 400 metres.

The Barents Sea is biologically very productive and ecologically sensitive. It is highly important for large seabird populations, marine mammals and the fishing industry.

The approximate location of PL 537 in the Barents Sea.

Exploration drilling in the Barents Sea

Source: Oilinfo.no

AECO: site-specific guidelines

AECO (Arctic expedition cruise operators) has published site-specific guidelines. These are intended to support visitors at a number of mostly frequently visited site to treat the natural and historical environment carefully. AECO member companies, which run most tourist ships that travel Spitsbergen on a regular basis, have commited themselves to the AECO guidelines. All other ships, including private boats, are invited to follow them.

The guidelines can be downloaded from AECO.

As expected, experienced expedition leaders won’t find a lot of new information in the guidelines. Tourleaders with lesser experience and private visitors will find them interesting and helpful in order to avoid or minimize any impact.

From the guidelines: Ytre Norskøya. © AECO.

AECO site-specific guidelines: Ytre Norskoya

Source: AECO


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