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Daily Archives: 9. January 2012 − News & Stories

Management plan for East Svalbard: letter to the editor of Svalbardposten

The ongoing controversy about the East Svalbard management plan has been covered repeatedly on these pages, most recently in early December, 2011. Now 17 expedition leaders have given their comments and made alternative suggestions in a letter-to-the-editor of Svalbardposten, which was published in Norwegian on last Friday (Svalbardposten 01/2012). An English translation can be downloaded here (englisch).

Many of the undersigned, including the owner of this website, have university-level education in natural sciences and are dedicated environmentalists with experience from areas, where tourism is successfully controlled, such as Antarctica.

According to the latest official proposal, Duvefjord is to be part of the controversial “Zone A”, the “scientific reference area”.

Management plan for East Svalbard - data-lazy-src=


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