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Daily Archives: 11. June 2012 − News & Stories

Beginning of arctic shipping season 2012

The midnight sun is shining over Spitsbergen’s fjords since late April and most of the birds have started their breeding business by now. Most tourist ships that sail Spitsbergen’s coastal waters, from large cruise ships to small sailing boats, are now on their way up north, some are already there.

The owner of this website is also soon on his way north and will be there (Spitsbergen and west Greenland) until late September. The news section will accordingly be updated less frequently than during recent months, but there will be updates and news of importance will, if necessary, be posted with a little delay – but they will appear here.

The travel blog site (triplogs, photo galleries) of trips of the 2012 season will soon be updated regularly until late September/early October. So – please visit again!

Spitsbergen under the midnight sun: the sailing season in the high norht has started.

Beginning of arctic shipping season 2012 - Midnight sun


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