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Daily Archives: 10. August 2012 − News & Stories

The boot mys­te­ry

This summer’s Spits­ber­gen mys­te­ry is the disap­pearing of 40 boots from a chan­ging room in the mining sett­le­ment Sveagru­va. No less than 40 boots have vanis­hed. The point is, howe­ver, that only the right boots are gone and the left ones are still stan­ding the­re. Now ever­y­bo­dy is gues­sing what might have hap­pen­ed: an inva­si­on of one-foo­ted ali­ens? Trolls? Right-wing extre­mists who hate ever­ything on the left side? …?

Local­ly, it is taken with a sen­se of humour, but ever­y­bo­dy is curious about the sto­ry behind it. And the­re is a bunch of 40 guys who would qui­te like to have their boots back.

40 lone­so­me boots in Sveagru­va. Foto © Jan Ove Steins­mo, Store Nor­ske.

The boot mystery - Lonesome boots in Sveagruva

Source: Aften­pos­ten


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