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Daily Archives: 9. October 2012 − News & Stories

Dut­ch expe­di­ti­on to Edgeøya in 2014

The Arc­tic Cent­re of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Gro­nin­gen (The Nether­lands) is plan­ning a sci­en­ti­fic expe­di­ti­on to Edgeøya during 10 days in late July/early August 2014 with MV Orte­li­us. The expe­di­ti­on is open for sci­en­tists, artists and polar enthu­si­asts. The expe­di­ti­on is orga­ni­zed by, amongst others, Maar­ten “Mr. Bar­na­cle Goo­se” Loo­nen from the Arc­tic Cent­re in Gro­nin­gen, also lea­der of the Dut­ch sci­en­ti­fic sta­ti­on in Ny Åle­sund.

The expe­di­ti­on is fol­lowing his­to­ri­cal foots­teps: in 1968-69, Dut­ch bio­lo­gists spent a year at Kapp Lee on Edgeøya.

Get in touch with the pro­ject if you are inte­res­ted to par­ti­ci­pa­te or in spon­so­ring.

Kapp Lee on Edgeøya, whe­re Dut­ch sci­en­tists win­te­red in 1968-69.

Dutch expedition to Edgeøya in 2014 - Kapp Lee, Edgeøya


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