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Northern Sea Route: more traffic

Ship traffic through the Northern Sea Route, also known as Northeast Passage, has increased tenfold since 2010. Two years ago, the passage was used by only 4 vessels, compared to 46 in 2012. This season’s last 2 ships, both Finnish icebreakers, are still on their way.

Most vessels that used the Northern Sea Route in 2012 were cargo ships transporting oil, gas and fuels, followed by ore and coal. The route was used for the first time to transport LNG (liquified gas) in 2012, when a Norwegian vessel sailed from Hammerfest to Japan.

The Northeast Passage was completed for the first time in 1878/79 by the Swedish explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskjöld. It is about 20 days shorter than the common route through the Suez Canal.

The Swedish icebreaker Oden near Spitsbergen.

Northern Sea Route: icebreaker Oden.

Source: Barentsobserver

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