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Daily Archives: 29. November 2012 − News & Stories

Flying low over walrusses: judicial aftermath

The low flight of an official airplane over a group of walrusses, which was both very inconsiderate and against valid rules, has been reported before on these pages (see October news). The incidence now seems to have a judicial aftermath. The affair has been reported to the Norwegian office for police matters. The point of the report is, however, not the actual flight, but the handling of further internal communication. Following regulations and common routine, relevant emails should have been published, but were not. This gives rise to the suspicion that it was tried to keep the incident away from public attention. According to the official explanation, this was not the case, an explanation that will hardly surprise.

The flight was observed by a group of tourists who finally reported about the incident to media.

Peaceful observation of a group of walrusses. Use of aircraft close to such a herd is neither allowed nor animal friendly.

Flying low over walrusses - Walrusses, Spitsbergen.

Source: Sysselmannen.


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