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Walrus shot in Norway

First of all: Happy New Year to all visitors to this site! Unfortunately, the first news for 2013 are sad ones: A walrus that showed up as a surprise guest in Dalabukta near Kristiansund, west of Trondheim on the coast of Norway, was shot by the authorities after a few hours. The reason was said to be the bad health status of the animal.

According to witnesses, the walrus was in good condition regarding at least the nutrition status. As far as can be seen on photos, the animals seems to have been in good shape. Small injuries including broken tusks are normal for walrusses. The decision to shoot the animal, taken within a very few hours and without consulting experts, is met with substantial criticism and has now been reported to the police. Walrusses are protected since 1953.

It is quite rare, but not unheard of, that individual walrusses take long trips from their high arctic home waters south to the coasts of Norway or even Denmark or Spain during winter.

The walrus in Dalabukta near Kristiansund, January 01, 2013. The animal was shot after only a few hours by local authorities. Foto © Sindre Sverdrup Strand, tk.no

Walrus, Dalabukta, Kristiansund, Norway

Source: Tidens Krav (several articles) and other Norwegian online media.

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