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Mil­der win­ters: bad for polar mammals

Mil­der win­ter wea­ther with rain ins­tead of snow is not­hing com­ple­te­ly new for polar are­as with a mari­ti­me cli­ma­te such as Spits­ber­gen, but the­re is more of it in times of cli­ma­te chan­ge, a ten­den­cy expec­ted to increase in the future. Rain that free­zes to ice on cold ground during an alre­a­dy dif­fi­cult sea­son has always been dif­fi­cult for reinde­er, and an increased fre­quen­cy of such events will make their alre­a­dy chal­len­ging life cer­tain­ly not easier.

Pregnant fema­le polar bears need slo­pes with good snow cover in the ear­ly polar night and good hun­ting grounds on sea ice in spring. Both, but espe­ci­al­ly the lat­ter, may be lack­ing more and more fre­quent­ly in the future with a chan­ging cli­ma­te.

Spits­ber­gen-reinde­er in late win­ter. Ear­ly May 2010, Eskerd­a­len.

Climate change - Spitsbergen-reindeer in late winter

Source: NINA



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