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Daily Archives: 23. May 2013 − News & Stories

… the arctic summer is on its way!

The Little auk colonies that are in many places on the slopes high above Longyearbyen are active, something that is easy to hear now. Snow buntings are playing their spring games on snow-free patches of tundra, which are growing larger day after day. And the geese have arrived after their spring migration. Summer on 78 degrees north is on its way.

Pink-footed goose in Longyearbyen, 22nd May.

Ping-footed goose, Longyearbyen

The end of the arctic winter …

The winter has come to an end in Spitsbergen, and it is being replaced by a short in-between season. The snow mobiles are calm now, the snow is getting wet and heavy and the snow-free patches larger and larger. Around 20th/21st June, the first small runlet was flowing down over snow in the river bed of Longyearelva, the river in Longyearbyen.

Calm days, nothing big happening here otherwise. Good.

The first water running down the river in Longyearbyen, 22th May.

Snow melt, Longyearbyen


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