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Daily Archives: 19. September 2013 − News & Stories

Spitsbergen-guidebook: 4th German edition now available

The 4th updated edition of Rolf Stange’s guidebook “Spitzbergen-Svalbard” (German version) is now available. Many text sections in almost all chapters have been updated or added, there are many new colour photos, a whole new page block of 16 pages with text has been added. A new cover makes the 4th edition recognizable as a new book. There are more than enough updates to make the purchase worthwhile also for owners of previous editions. Click here for more information about the new edition of “Spitzbergen-Svalbard” (4th German edition).

Technical difficulties during the print process led to a delay of several months during the production.

The third English edition (2012) remains of course available.

Spitsbergen-guidebook “Spitzbergen-Svalbard”: the 4th updated German edition is now available.



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