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Daily Archives: 22. November 2013 − News & Stories

First ton coal taken out of Lunck­ef­jel­let

The first ton coal has been seen the light of day in the new mine at Lunck­ef­jel­let, north of Sveagru­va.

It will, howe­ver, still take some time until regu­lar pro­duc­tion can start. So far, the com­pa­ny, Store Nor­ske, has inves­ted 1.2 bil­li­on Nor­we­gi­an Kro­ner at Lunck­ef­jel­let. The explo­ita­ble coal reser­ves at esti­ma­ted near 8.4 mil­li­on tons, far less than for examp­le in Sveagru­va in its ear­ly days, whe­re mining is now com­ing near its end. Mining at Lunck­ef­jel­let will, accord­in­gly, only last a cou­p­le of years.

Geo­lo­gi­cal­ly, the Lunck­ef­jel­let seam is an equi­va­lent of the Lon­gye­ar seam, which is stra­ti­gra­phi­cal­ly a bit hig­her (in other words: youn­ger) than the Svea seam.

The Reinda­len from abo­ve. On the south side (right), the new mine crea­tes.



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