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2013, 2014: Spitsbergen-Svalbard.com’s look back – photography and the internet

2013 has been a very successful year regarding polar photography. From all those trips to the Arctic and Antarctic, I have brought a wealth of good material back home. Some of it is already published as part of the triplog, photo gallery and slideshow that come with most trips, a few ones are part of the Spitsbergen calendar 2014, and more will be seen in future books and calendars.

The 360 degree navigable panorama images are relatively new territory in photo technique. The collection of polar panoramas on this website is already the largest of its kind on the world wide web, and it has images of places that have never before been photographed this way! There is still unpublished material waiting to go out, as the processing is quite time consuming, and there is definitely still far more work to be done in 2014 and beyond.

It does not matter where I travel in the Arctic or Antarctic: the camera is never far away. In this case, it is inside an old barrel.

camera in the barrel

The results can be seen on Spitsbergen-Svalbard.com. Also beyond the new panorama collection, quite a lot has happened there. The Spitsbergen-Svalbard.com news section has got more than one post per week in 2013, making stories and news from the Arctic accessible in one site in a language that most people can read. In the future, we will increase the frequency of posting and include news from other parts of the Arctic and the Antarctic. By the way, the German part of this website (Spitzbergen.de) was the first polar news blog within the German speaking internet.

Many parts of the website have been updated regarding both contents and advanced technology. As an example, the regional descriptions of Svalbard are now getting photo galleries to illustrate the individual parts of the Spitsbergen archipelago. This is an ongoing process. For example, Bear Island (Bjørnøya), Edgeøya and Barentsøya have already got their galleries, more will follow.

Quite importantly, the English section of this website has got its own domain since early 2013, which is obviously spitsbergen-svalbard.com. Well, you know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But please don’t forget to update any links. And I am grateful for links anyway! All relevant contents – and pretty much everything is relevant in one or the other way – is published in both English and German.

And finally, Spitsbergen-Svalbard.com has got its own Facebook site since summer 2013, where all posts are made in both English and German. While I am traveling, there are regular stories and photos from the field. These are of course also accessible without being on Facebook, you don’t need to log on to read the stuff posted there.

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