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Spitsbergen panorama site: now better and bigger

The Spitsbergen panorama site has not only grown quite a lot recently, but it is also structured a much better way now. The growth over the last months was bigger than expected and made it necessary to improve the structure to make it easier to find a panorama for a site or to know where a certain panorama was taken. Small maps are now being added to individual areas to make navigation easier.

Also the number of panoramas has increased greatly over the last couple of months, and there is definitely more to come!

Enjoy the Spitsbergen panorama site.

One of many Spitsbergen panoramas: Many smaller icebergs with fantastic shapes and colours are frozen in the fast ice of Mohnbukta. These images were taken inside an iceberg that had several old meltwater caves.

last modification: 2014-07-01 · copyright: Rolf Stange