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Spits­ber­gen pan­ora­ma site: now bet­ter and big­ger

The Spits­ber­gen pan­ora­ma site has not only grown quite a lot recent­ly, but it is also struc­tu­red a much bet­ter way now. The growth over the last months was big­ger than expec­ted and made it neces­sa­ry to impro­ve the struc­tu­re to make it easier to find a pan­ora­ma for a site or to know whe­re a cer­tain pan­ora­ma was taken. Small maps are now being added to indi­vi­du­al are­as to make navi­ga­ti­on easier.

Also the num­ber of pan­ora­mas has increased great­ly over the last cou­ple of months, and the­re is defi­ni­te­ly more to come!

Enjoy the Spits­ber­gen pan­ora­ma site.

One of many Spits­ber­gen pan­ora­mas: Many smal­ler ice­bergs with fan­ta­stic shapes and colours are fro­zen in the fast ice of Mohn­buk­ta. The­se images were taken insi­de an ice­berg that had seve­ral old melt­wa­ter caves.



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