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Daily Archives: 22. July 2014 − News & Stories


Alrea­dy the first sunshi­ne day. We are get­ting spoi­led. High sum­mer in the arc­tic! I may have men­tio­ned it befo­re, but: the­re is not­hing more beau­ti­ful than such a day up here, just under 80 degrees. We have been out for many hours today and hik­ed qui­te some kilo­me­tres over bar­ren tun­dra in nort­hern Woodfjord. And some hund­red metres up. A „new“ moun­tain, it worked well and the reward came in shape of grand views over Mus­ham­na and Woodfjord.

Now I know why I always lea­ve the GPS on so it can save a track. This way, I am able to find my sun­glas­ses again qui­te some time after I have left them some­whe­re on the tun­dra. Very use­ful.

Com­ing to the „Rit­ter hut“ at Gråhu­ken is almost like get­ting back home. It just gives me this fee­ling. Not only becau­se I have been the­re qui­te a few times. Hil­mar Nøis hit the nail on the head when he named the hut „Kapp Hvi­le“ in 1928: Cape of Rest, Cape of inner peace. Some­thing like that. I can’t real­ly trans­la­te it. A place whe­re you find peace of mind, that soot­hes you, that makes you feel at home.

Espe­cial­ly after spen­ding hours on the tun­dra to get the­re.

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

Now we are hea­ding nor­the­ast, towards Ver­le­gen­hu­ken and the drift ice. Still bright sunshi­ne and calm waters. I am very curious about the ice, whe­re it will stop us, what we will find the­re. But for the moment, to be honest, I’d be qui­te hap­py about some hours without wha­les …


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