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Beginning of the polar night, Krossfjord panorama pages

The polar night has begun in Spitsbergen some days ago, and it won’t be before the second half of February that the sun will be visible again above the horizon. In the darkest time, from mid December to early January, it will be dark 24/7. Only stars, moon and northern lights will cast some bleak light over the snow-covered landscape when the sky is clear.

A good time to sort photos and take care of the website. Krossfjord has now got the site it deserves, being one of Spitsbergen’s biggest and most beautiful fjords. A map makes it easy to navigate through several sub-pages that have got panorama series and virtual tours of a number of places in Krossfjord, of course including some background information.

One of many new panoramas from Krossfjord.


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