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Daily Archives: 31. January 2015 − News & Stories

Young man died in snow avalanche

About 7 km south of Lonyearbyen, in Fardalen, a 21-year-old Norwegian was found dead under a snow avalanche on Saturday 24th of January.

As the Sysselmannen reports, the police in Longyearbyen was informed on Saturday noon about a large avalanche in Fardalen which covered parts of the snowmobile track leading through the valley. Rescue teams of the Red Cross and the Sysselmannen were sent to the scene of the accident immediately and about one hour after being informed they found the young man´s body. Despite of the quick reaction it was unfortunately too late for rescuing him. The man´s body was lying close to his snowmobile which was also covered by snow. No other persons could be detected and as it turned out later, no one else was missing.

Fardalen is a popular snowmobile route for trips to for example Barentsburg or to the deserted mining settlement in Colesbukta. The danger of avalanches in Fardalen is not given by particularly high and steep mountainsides, it occurs by the route through the valley leading through very narrow and winding passages.

View into Fardalen


Sources: Sysselmannen, Svalbardposten


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