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Daily Archives: 28. March 2015 − News & Stories


There are still sunsets, still are a „normal“ time, namely in the evening. The sunsets are now incredibly quickly moving towards midnight, noticeably later every day, until they join the sunrise to create the midnight sun.

There are just 2 months between polar night and midnight sun. The polar day will change life completely here, animals and people will sleep less, be more active, change their rhythm.

And of course the light will change. For a few weeks, April will still bring blue and red colours during the night, but these will give way to the sun in May, which will then be well above the horizon 24 hours a day.

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And this is why we are here now, in late March, some hundred metres above Hiorthhamn, at one of the most beautiful view points, enjoying the views over Adventfjord and Longyearbyen in the light of an evening sunset. There won’t be many more until September.


Sassendalen is one of Spitsbergen’s biggest valleys: 30 km long from Rabotbreen to Tempelfjord and 5 km wide, it is making a strong impression of a very wide landscape when you stand in the middle of it, where a big meltwater river is running in the summer.

But it is especially some of the smaller tributary valleys that have scenic aspects which catch the eye of the observer and the attention of the photographer. The frozen waterfall in Eskerdalen and the canyon-like gorge in Brattlidalen, where you can touch the steep rockwalls on both sides at the same time in some places.

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Fredheim, the famous hut of the legendary hunter Hilmar Nøis, is ready to move. The three old buildings, including the unique main building with two floors, initially built by Hilmar Nøis in 1924 and regularly used by him and his family until 1963, are threatened by coastal erosion and would not have survived the next couple of years in their present position. Now they are standing on heavy structural steel work, stabilized with wooden beams and ready to be pulled up one terrace on to safe terrain (this has been done successfully meanwhile).


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