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The Northwest: polar bear country – 2nd July 2015

As yesterday, I am sitting to write my little blog late in the evening. These days are so full, the landscape in northwestern Spitsbergen is so densely packed with so many things. So many islands where one could go to have a look to see what is there. And you are glued to your binoculars here. Behind every point, on every slope there might be a polar bear. And on one slope, there was a polar bear, sleeping on a snow field. On many beaches, there could be walrusses. And on a little skerry, there were two walrusses. Which is quite unusually. Normally, they are lying on beaches or ice floes, not on rocks. Someone said these ones were probably raised by Harbour seals. They like to lie on rocks.

It was a bit of whalers’ weather in these old whaling waters. Grey, a bit windy, the occasional bit of snow and rain in the air. In the late afternoon, the sun came almost out, casting light on the little peninsula where Waldemar and Sally lift a long, long time ago in their lonely hut, which they had once built on a whaler’s grave.

The Northwest: polar bear country – 2nd July 2015

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We saw two more polar bears during the later evening, both making their way on steep, rocky slopes. The first one, equipped with a collar with satellite tracker from the Norwegian Polar Institute and thus obviously a lady bear, was busy making herself unpopular amongst the owners of various birds’ nests on an island. The second one was stalking a reindeer for almost a kilometre in Raudfjord, before it gave up.

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