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Daily Archives: 21. July 2015 − News & Stories

Kongsfjord – 21st July 2015

What a day. Long, full and beautiful. And as it is time to finish it, this blog entry won’t be terribly long.

The scene for the day is not unknown. Kongsfjord is a classic, especially Ny Ålesund will be known to many, if not all, readers. It is, however, less common to leave the town with a hike into the fjord, rather than a walk to the harbour. The coastal tundra plains near Ny Ålesund are very inviting for some good walks.

Photo Kongsfjord – 21st Juli 2015


The glaciers in Kongsfjord must have been very active recently. It has been quite warm the last days, the arctic summer is at its peak. There is a lot of glacier ice drifting in the water.

Photo Ossian Sarsfjellet – 21st Juli 2015 – 1/2


The arctic flowers are in their busiest season. The vegetation is strong and plentyful here in inner Kongsfjord, with flowers in many colours.

Photo Ossian Sarsfjellet – 21st Juli 2015 – 2/2


Also the seabirds are in their peak breading season. Brünich’s guillemots and kittiwakes are taking care of their chicks. There is an immense level of activity in the steep breeding cliffs.

Now we are calmly anchored, enjoying the evening with its beautiful light that is getting warm again, as late July isn’t far anymore.


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