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Daily Archives: 22. July 2015 − News & Stories

Kongsfjord II – 22nd July 2015

Ossi­an Sarsfjel­let has got more to offer than a bird cliff and flowers. On the eas­tern side, it has some impres­si­ve gla­ciers in the direct neigh­bour­hood, and as it is not far to that side, we went for a hike acros Ossi­an Sarsfjel­let, over tun­dra and rocky was­hout plains, stop­ping whe­re we saw some rein­de­er, and then up a morain ridge, behind which we reached a gre­at pan­ora­ma plat­form in shape of a gla­cier-polis­hed marb­le sur­face.

Pho­to Ossi­an Sarsfjel­let – 22nd Juli 2015 – 1/2


Count­less small folds and faults, with very clear gla­cial stria­ti­on, this alo­ne would be a remar­kab­le site and cer­tain­ly under pro­tec­tion any­whe­re near civi­liz­a­ti­on. But then the­re was the view over the gla­cier-framed bay Rød­vi­ka with ice cliffs forming lar­ge parts of the shore and wide ice fiel­ds in back coun­try.

Pho­to Ossi­an Sarsfjel­let – 22nd Juli 2015 – 2/2


After a litt­le, sun­ny crui­se along ice­bergs and gla­ciers in inner­most Kongsfjord, we deci­ded to have a look at the outer coast as we want to get fur­ther north at some sta­ge. But as it tur­ned out, the­re was a strong bree­ze blowing at open sea, tur­ning many waves white, so we deci­ded to chan­ge cour­se and spend a day in Krossfjord, which should be shel­te­red.

Pho­to Kongsfjord – 22nd Juli 2015


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