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Daily Archives: 2. September 2015 − News & Stories

From Reykja­vik to Scores­by­sund

It could have been a lovely calm night of desper­ate­ly nee­ded good sleep if that film team had not picked the litt­le street just out­side my guest­house room to start filming at 5 a.m. I hope it will be a suc­cess­ful film, at least.

At 8 a.m., our small group of Green­land explo­rers met at the litt­le domestic air­port. Cros­sing the Den­mark Strait in 27000 feet alti­tu­de is much fas­ter and more com­for­ta­ble than riding the waves for days.

Pho­to Blos­se­vil­le Kyst – 02nd Sep­tem­ber 2015


The first part of Green­land that we saw was the Blos­se­vil­le Kyst around Rømer Ø, south of Scores­by­sund.

Pho­to Cons­ta­ble Point – 02nd Sep­tem­ber 2015


In Hur­ry Inlet, Ópal was wai­t­ing for us next to her sis­ter ves­sel Don­na Wood, a new mem­ber of the North Sai­ling fleet.

The first ice­bergs never fail to attract atten­ti­on, and so do the moun­tains south of Scores­by­sund. This wild coast is cal­led Vol­quart Boons Kyst, a very inhos­pi­ta­ble shore, with rug­ged moun­tains rising stee­ply more than 1000 metres high from the fjord, sepa­ra­ted by some crev­as­sed gla­ciers. A view as for­bidding as attrac­ti­ve.

Pho­to Hall Bred­ning – 02nd Sep­tem­ber 2015


We want to get to the inner bran­ches of the fjord, so we spend the after­noon sai­ling until we reach Vikin­ge­bug­ten. The anchor goes to the bot­tom and we go to bed.


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