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Daily Archives: 8. September 2015 − News & Stories

Ittoqqortoormiit – 08th September 2015

Iceland’s first autumn storm has sent a bit of rushed air up to Scoresbysund. As we are south of Jameson Land, an easterly wind is picking up, and the sails are going up – good stuff, and there may be one or the other on board who discovers his or her love for sailing. So we forget about the idea of going to Kap Hope – not a bad exchange, after all, for us.

Ittoqqortoormiit, or Scoresbysund village, whatever you want to call it, comes accordingly a bit grey and windy. An arctic late summer day. Memories from my longer stay there in 2006 come to mind again (my God, 10 years ago!), the bay frozen over, dog sleds going over the ice where Ópal is drifting now, in the position where I got the Greenland shark … old stories, fond memories. The village has lost some inhabitants, both humans (a few) and dogs (quite a lot) since then.

Gallery Ittoqqortoormiit – 08th September 2015

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A nice farewell to Greenland, with a dinner at a private home in good atmosphere.


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