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Daily Archives: 16. September 2015 − News & Stories

Kongsfjord – 16th September 2015

The day begins as beautifully as the last one ends. Kongsfjord in morning light, belts of drifting glacier ice in the sun, you have to have seen that. Kings Bay has got its name for good reason.
We are welcomed by a big reindeer on the shore. Tundra and big erratic boulders, glacier-polished marble, views over wide glaciers and ice caps, crowned by the Tre Kroner. A royal scenery.

Photo Kongsfjord – 16th September 2015 – 1/2


A short walk through Ny Ålesund, stories from mining, science and expeditions, Amundsen in the sun, the airship mast is coming out of the shadow exactly in the right moment.

Photo Ny Ålesund – 16th September 2015


We leave the pier under sail, hear the complete version of the history of arctic exploration from Rolf outside on deck, in the sun, under sails, nice and quiet. Once we have left the fjord, the sea is picking up a bit, and the demand for dinner is reduced, while we are making 6-7 knots under sail northwards.

Photo Kongsfjord – 16th September 2015 – 2/2


Unter Segeln verließ die Antigua die Pier, noch im Fjord gab es von Rolf die ausführliche Fassung der Nordpolentdeckergeschichten, in der Sonne an Deck, still unter Segeln. Vor der Küste mehr Dünung, die Nachfrage beim Abendessen ist reduziert, während es mit 6-7 Knoten es nach Norden geht.


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