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Daily Archives: 4. October 2015 − News & Stories

Longyearbyen – 04th Oktober 2015

Harbour days are not the most exciting days. There is a lot to do to finish a trip and to get the ship ready again, even though I won’t be on board when Antigua takes off again.

In the evening, I went back to Jan Mayen in my mind. The Svalbardmuseum had invited me to do a presentation about the island and my travels there. For an hour and ten minutes, we went through the geography and the history of the island, over lava fields and moss carpets, from the impressive coastline to the summit crater of Beerenberg. Nice to go through all that again mentally, it was definitely a highlight amongst my polar travels, and these are not few. And in a place like Longyearbyen, people are certainly interested in their remote neighbour island, 1000 km to the southwest. Nice also that some of the Antigua crew are present in the audience, as well as some well-known faces from Longyearbyen.

Gallery – Longyearbyen – 04th Oktober 2015

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What an irony: the first thing that we saw as we stepped out of the museum was a nice northern light. And this after having hoped for it for a week together with the group that left Antigua and largely flew home today! The happier were those few Antigua-guests who had not yet left. The evening was to be a long one, the northern lights came and went. Between the various chapters of a culinary trip to Italy, enjoying and photographing the aurora was one of the main pleasures of the evening.

By the way, a while ago I wrote an article on this site about the northern lights: General info and photography tips (click here).


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