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Polar night – mid November

By now, the polar night has come to the high arctic, the sun remains below the horizon 24 hours a day. Even mid day there is just a bit of twilight, far from sunny brightness.

As so often at this time, Longyearbyen is a bit uncomfy: it has been quite warm recently and the snow had been thawing. As a result, it is slippery, and not just a little bit. You could ice-skate to the supermarket, and a walk to the café without spikes is a bit of an expedition.

This is obviously not the time for long trips out in the field, but that is not necessary. It is about the light, about darkness, which is so much more than just darkness.

And about the quietness and the peace of the arctic at this time of year. Spring and summer are always hectical, there is always so much to do, all the days seem to have 30 hours. During the polar night, people are not so much under stress, everybody is more relaxed, they have time, they meet.

Gallery – Polar night – mid November

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Many people in Longyearbyen say that the polar night is their favorite season. There is something about it.

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