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Daily Archives: 24. November 2015 − News & Stories

Svalbard winter 2016: photo trip and a balloon adventure

Some new ideas for exciting travels to Spitsbergen in winter 2016: together with Spitzbergen Adventures, we are doing a photo trip into the arctic winter. In March, the regular change between sunlight and darkness is bringing constantly changing light and colours into the arctic winter landscape. Based in Longyearbyen and Barentsburg, we will spend a full week to enjoy and explore the scenic beauty of Spitsbergen, mostly using snow mobiles for transportation, at a time when the light is often at its best, from glacial ice caves to wide valleys and the cold coast (literally: “Svalbard”). Click here for more information about this trip.

By snow mobile into Svalbard’s winter landscape. Sunsets can create stunning light in March.

photo trip Svalbard winter

Additionally, Spitzbergen Adventures has come up with something really new and special: the arctic balloon Adventure. Arctic scenery enjoyed from a bird’s eye view. Since flightseeing using motorized aircraft including planes and helicopters is completely banned, this is a unique and environmentally sound opportunity to see amazing scenery from a totally new perspective. The method has proven to work spectacularly during the solar eclipse in Svalbard in March 2015. Now, Spitzbergen Adventures is offering several departures for those who are keen on this adventure (click here for more info).

The Spitsbergen balloon adventure: A new idea by Spitzbergen Adventures.

Spitsbergen balloon adventure

Hiking to Pyramiden in the polar night

Hiking from Longyearbyen to Pyramiden in the polar night does not sound like a good plan. Not having serious equipment does not make it better. If you start such a demanding journey without at least a good sleeping bag, solid winter hiking boots and a weapon (and a lot of other stuff), then you are either crazy or suicidal.

So nobody would even think of this? Wrong. Yesterday (November 23), the Sysselmannen (police; search and rescue agency) had to go out by helicopter to search for a tourist from England who had left Longyearbyen and told people before that this was exactly what he intended to do – on his own. Some locals he had been talking to had contacted the Sysselmannen.

As it turned out, the many warning the man had received had already been enough to make him change his mind: he had already abandoned his ideas of a hike to Pyramiden, instead opting for a much more reasonable walk to mine 7.

The distance to Pyramiden is 50 km as the crow flies, but the distance over land is well over 100 km, especially as the fjords are still open. There are several crevassed glaciers on the way: altogether, an impossible task in darkness for a single person.

The last part of the overland route to Pyramiden: Nordenskiöldbreen and Billefjord (frozen).

Route to Pyramiden

Source: Svalbardposten


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