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Street flooded in Adventdalen

The extreme weather in the north Atlantic has brought this sector of the Arctic again into international media. A strong low pressure is pumping warm air up north, resulting in unusually high temperatures in Svalbard and the central Arctic. In Longyearbyen, the mercury went up to almost 9°C, making it warmer than in parts of central Europe at the same time. Strong rainfall did not make it nicer, with up to 50 mm within two days in Ny Ålesund.

Warm air incursions in midwinter are a more or less regular phenomenon in the maritime climate of Svalbard, but the current event is quite strong.

The combination of mild temperatures and rain lets the snow melt and the rivers flow. In Longyearbyen, a little bridge locally known as Perleporten, a walkway across the river coming out of Vannledningsdalen, is currently closed by the authorities. Historically, meltwater avalanches coming out of Vannledningsdalen have been fatal on occasions. In June 1953, several buildings were damaged and three people died.

Now, several tributary rivers in Adventdalen are flooding the road, making traffic impossible. The public is asked to avoid any unnecessary traffic.

The river in Bolterdalen is usually frozen and dry in winter. Now it is flooding the road in Adventdalen after days of thawing temperature and rain.


Source: local social networks

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