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Looking back at 2015 – September

A memory card lost in the arctic wilderness in 2009 was returned to the owner after six years, to her (the owner’s) great pleasure.

Meanwhile, I had the great pleasure to spend a very memorable week with the Icelandic schooner Ópal in Scoresbysund in east Greenland. What can I say. A stunning display of arctic colours, a landscape on a scale of its own kind. A heavy storm raging out on the open sea and in Iceland, calming down just in time to let us fly out without problems – yes, some luck on your side is always helpful. And so is a buffer day in Iceland if you come back from Greenland, just in case. I just mention it …

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In Spitsbergen, September brings the often underestimated magic of change between day and night back. Sunsets and … of course, northern lights. Which we got. And, after several years, finally again a landing on Moffen, a forbidden island in the summer. The walrusses there were obviously happy to see some people. They don’t get to see too many there.

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