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Daily Archives: 1. June 2016 − News & Stories

Barentsburg & Ymerbukta – 01st June 2016

So that was May, and now it is already June. But it looks like early July. There is not too much snow left, wide tundra areas are already free of snow, especially on the west coast. The ice chart looks like late summer.

And outside it looks like Irkutsk or something that way. That is, of course, Barentsburg. What else!

Barentsburg is an impressive experience, as always. You just have to have seen it. And what really blew me away was the hot chocolate. Seriously! By far the best hot chocolate in Spitsbergen. It even leaves Café Fruene in Longyearbyen far behind 🙂

Gallery Barentsburg & Ymerbukta – 01st June 2016

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We spend the early afternoon cruising several bays, looking for scenery (great landscape everywhere) and polar bears (none), before we celebrate the trip duly. It has been – and still is – great, even without a polar bear sighting.


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