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Wahlenbergfjord – 22nd July 2016

We did get wind, today in Wahlenbergfjord. This did not keep us from making a nice little landing in a hidden corner somewhere in Palanderbukta.

In the afternoon, things got interesting. Nice sailing wind to move under sails into Wahlenbergfjord, until the increasing density of icebergs and bergy bits from Bodleybreen forced us to maneouvre more and more. We did nevertheless manage to get into the innermost bay, just to find a beautiful specimen of a strong polar bear walking around in a moraine there.

Not just one, a female with a first-year cub ran up on the glacier and away from the strong one, most likely a male. Three polar bears are three good reasons for not going ashore, much to the regret of the hiking group who were ready to go ashore and start the hike across Nordaustland to Rijpfjord. It was not meant to happen today.

The wind delivered an impressive display of force. To begin with, it calmed completely down, giving way to beautiful reflections of the mighty glacier Bodleybreen and the icebergs on the water. But this was literally just the eye of the storm. Soon, the wind returned with increased force from the opposite direction. The anchored dragged hopelessly and had to be lifted soonest.

Gallery Wahlenbergfjord – 22nd July 2016

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Maneouvring the ship out of the way while the anchor was still in the water gave Captain Joachim great fun on the bridge. Altogether it was a very impressive display of both the beauty and the powers of nature in the arctic.

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