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Northwest Spitsbergen – 6th August 2016

The day started a bit foggy, which is not necessarily a bad thing. You can give it a gentle start, slowly kreep out of the sleeping bag and have a peaceful breakfast without missing anything.

But then the day really took off. The sun started to burn holes into the fog, although the remaining fog banks were largely very decorative. The harbour seals on Danskøya turned out to be reliable, and so did the 17th century graves and blubber ovens on Amsterdamøya. Well, they tend to be less mobile than the seals anyway.

Gallery Northwest Spitsbergen – 6th August 2016

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The little auks in their colonies here in northwestern Spitsbergen are semi-mobile, with their seasonal migrations, but still more mobile than a blubber oven that has been stationary for about 400 years. Now in August, most of them were gone (the little auks, not the blubber ovens). But even if there hadn’t been a single one at all: the two blue foxes would have been more than worth making that landing alone!

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