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Longyearbyen – 02nd September 2016

The days have been far too long to write much of a blog. Even in the year 2016, real life is more important than being online. The blog has to wait.

You can travel Spitsbergen without a boat, I almost forgot that. That’s what we have done recently. We started in early September in Longyearbyen (where else). A little stroll down Longyeardalen, first impressions of the place, the landscape, the fresh air (no comparison to the burning heat in central Europe these days!) and of the 9 people that were going to spend the next couple of days together.

It doesn’t always have to be calving glaciers or polar bears. You can just have a look into the church to find something unusual. How many churches in the world greet their visitors with slippers for loan, a gun safe, a Trip Advisor recommendation and a hint that credit cards are accepted?

Gallery Longyearbyen – 02nd September 2016

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Others surprised with the idiotic idea to decorate public buildings with the names of their favourite football club (much to my annoyance, it was a German). Unfortunately, it was not just a few small auxiliary buildings that were sprayed, but also the historical buildings of mine 2b, a damage that will be hard to remove, if not impossible. All of it along the road up to Nybyen. So it was at least known where the guy was from and where he stayed. Hunting idiots does not require a Sherlock Holmes. The police has got a name and a Norwegian judge will soon send a nice letter to Germany. Norwegian authorities claim to have good relationships to German law enforcement authorities.

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