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Daily Archives: 4. November 2016 − News & Stories

Svolvær, Laukvik – 04th November 2016

Svolvær is a good place to relax a bit. It is not the centre of the world. A nice harbour, some art galleries, a bar made out of ice, scenic surroundings.

For us, it was the starting point for our visit to the northern light centre in Laukvik. Situated on the northern side of Austvågøy, there is a free view to most directions and not too much artificial light. This is where Rob and Theres from the Netherlands have established their private northern light centre. They are obviously living their passion, everything is centered around northern lights. Rob has got a room full of technology, which he built all by himself, to make „direct contact with the sun“ and the northern lights, as he uses to say.

And they do have good contacts to higher levels. As soon as the presentation was finished, we saw some nice northern lights 🙂

Kabelvåg-Svolvær – 04th November 2016

The weather is and remains beautiful. Clear sky, gentle freezing temperatures during the night, low sun, beautiful colours. The sun is currently going up after 8 a.m. and down again near 3 p.m. Of course, we have a long phase of twilight. Altogether still quite a bit of light. Certainly enough to go outside and do nice things. We made a nice walk from Kabelvåg to Svolvær today. That is not too far, in theory you could do that in one hour. Of course we took more time, enjoying the landscape. Rugged mountains, a silent lake, open woodland, little wetlands here and there. Some of us took the more sportive route over Tjeldbergtinden, 367 m high. I didn’t, it wouldn’t be a good idea with a cold, but I know the great view from up there 🙂

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