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Daily Archives: 11. November 2016 − News & Stories

Vestpynten – 11th November, 2016

The polar night – a beautiful time in the high north. The season of the blue light. Northern lights, cold, snow, silence, time for yourself, for friends, for everything you want.

That’s what you might think.

Reality is different. Temperatures around zero and hardly much below. No snow, but a lot of wind and rain, recently. The wind was turning Isfjord’s calm waters into something rather wild and furious, for a while, and the surf was smashing against the shoreline.

Not good for the unfrozen land. There is fjord now where there used to be the shore, and there is shore now where there used to be tundra. You don’t sleep in peace anymore where you could live a good life in a cosy hut just last week.

The cold coast isn’t that cold anymore, and it is an ongoing process. Those days now when an artificially upheated and stimulated nature got closer to man were the time when in the US – no, let’s not talk about it. It is just no fun at the time being, looking at the large events around the globe.

Rather than discussing politics, action was required. A hut needed to be emptied from everything that had been needed for a family’s life, bed and books, furniture and firewood had to be moved away from the coast. Next to everything else that was going on, the arctic bookwriting workshop was quite busy at the same time and so on and so forth.

Gallery – Vestpynten – 11th November, 2016

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It would have been a nice job if it had not been a bit sad. Physical work next to the fjord. There is still a bit of light around noon, you can just about imagine the mountains on the northern side of Isfjord. And the mountains on the other side of Adventfjord are shining through the darkness with all their beauty and character.


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