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Daily Archives: 14. December 2016 − News & Stories

Polar bear shot on Prins Karls Forland: fine for the shooter

A polar bear was shot by a Russian scientist on August 09 on Prins Karls Forland (see Polar bear shot on Prins Karls Forland). The circumstances seemed doubtful: it appears that no serious attempt had been made to scare the polar bear away with non-lethal methods and the lethal shot was fired at a very early stage of the encounter from the large distance of 130 (!) metres. Additionally, the authorities were only informed about the incident the following day and not immediately, as required.

It was a two year old female, weighing 155 kg. The animal had been marked before.

The case was handed over by the Sysselmannen in Longyearbyen to the public prosecutor in Tromsø. The reason may have been the juridical and public character of the case. When considering the sparse information that is available, one may quickly be tempted to conclude that the killing may have been a criminal offense.

Now the verdict from Tromsø is there: the scientist who had fired the deadly shot is condemned to pay a fine of NOK 15000,- (ca. 1670 Euro). The man has accepted the fine, hence the verdict is effective.

Charges against the other three persons who were in the camp together with the shooter have been dismissed.

The bay Selvågen a few days before the polar bear was shot on August 09.

Spitsbergen: Selvågen

Source: Sysselmannen


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